What I love about my work is the freedom to be creative. I can recreate the same piece but with different colors or I can constantly create a brand new piece. I am in control. I can experiment. I can explore. I can create.

Oftentimes people ask me where I get my inspiration for the various pieces and spin. My most common answer is from every day life and constant practice. For every piece, or pattern I create that is loved by others there might be 10 that were just blah. But what many new people don’t realize is that it is the blah pieces that even you don’t enjoy that help you get to the truly creative, exciting, transcendent pieces.

Art is art. It does not always operate on a specific timeline. It isn’t always a linear process. More often than not it can feel like going around the same mountain for the umpteenth time. But it changes. Slowly subtly, until you realize you have stumbled upon a new pattern. A new project. So my encouragement is to keep exploring. Keep creating. When we learn to enjoy the process and not just the result we will reach the desired result more often.