Lately I have loved using vibrant colors in my work. Something about this season and the vibrant bright colors that seems to match my spirit and my outlook on life. This may just be a season. After all there was a season where I loved using as many grey’s as possible, but right now I am all about the bright vibrant colors that are available to me.

The boldness of colors can make or break a piece. I have recently been exploring with the brightest version of the rainbow. Below I created with crayons. The piece is so simple yet so bold. The colors can hold my attention for minutes while I ponder life and the meaning of each color.

Another piece I created at my house was on a wall of an empty room. I took bright paint and created simple smooth lines on the wall. This time instead of having the colors run together I have white space in between them. That way each color stands on its own but also come be working with the other colors near by.

In this season I am drawn towards these bright vibrant colors. But creativity is a response to life. Not every season is easy, fun, or bright. Some seasons of life and much harder, darker, more complicated. Either way, I am enjoying this season of vibrant life and I am holding onto this season as long as I can. I know it will change at some point, but I am glad that day is not today.