Life in a Knot?

I have been creating with yarn almost my whole life. I can remember 1984 when my grandma came to visit for the holidays. She taught me that winter how to make my very first winter hat. Of course hers looked incredible while mine was un even, but it was my first creation and I have […]

Colors – Vibrant Life

Lately I have loved using vibrant colors in my work. Something about this season and the vibrant bright colors that seems to match my spirit and my outlook on life. This may just be a season. After all there was a season where I loved using as many grey’s as possible, but right now I […]


What I love about my work is the freedom to be creative. I can recreate the same piece but with different colors or I can constantly create a brand new piece. I am in control. I can experiment. I can explore. I can create. Oftentimes people ask me where I get my inspiration for the […]